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Wolverine is my favorite x-men character I was Very excited to draw his new costume.  Well.. I made a few tweaks :)   This costume is a mixture of his movie uniform and the classic yellow and blue outfit from the comics.  I Left the arms bare and changed the boots to resemble the comic style boots.  Deadpool's costume is also a mix of his movie and comic book outfit, but more subtle.

Wolverine VS Deadpool

  • Dimensions: 11" x 17" (A standard frame size)

    Shipped in large bubble mailer, inside a clear plastic sleeve, secured between two thick boards.  This avoids bending/creasing and weather damage.

    Item does Not come with a frame.  Frames and glass can break during transit.  However, 11"x17" is a common frame size that can be easily ordered online.

  • Refunds will be offered only for orders that arrive damaged.  Photo proof of damage is required.  Posters are always shipped safely and securely to avoid bending, creasing and weather damage.  Please contact shop if you are dissatisfied or have any questions.

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