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Ray Fisher's Cyborg was the heart and soul of Zack Snyder's Justice league, in my opinion, and because he was so great in that film I jut had to draw him.  This piece was particularly difficult, because the image I was working off of wasn't particularly clear when it came to the individual pieces of armor.  I had to compare it to other images of Cyborg and try and make sense of it on my own, so it would look as accurate as possible.

Cyborg- Ray Fisher

  • Dimensions: 11" x 17" (A standard frame size)

    Shipped in large bubble mailer, inside a clear plastic sleeve, secured between two thick boards.  This avoids bending/creasing and weather damage.

    Item does Not come with a frame.  Frames and glass can break during transit.  However, 11"x17" is a common frame size that can be easily ordered online.

  • Refunds will be offered only for orders that arrive damaged.  Photo proof of damage is required.  Posters are always shipped safely and securely to avoid bending, creasing and weather damage.  Please contact shop if you are dissatisfied or have any questions.

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